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Expert Witness Services

The complex nature of government real estate leasing and the large number of transactions that occur nationally with property owners make it inevitable that disputes and claims will arise. When these disputes cannot be resolved through alternative means, litigation may be the only way to bring the matter to closure.

Jamie Scruggs is the author of the peer-reviewed and industry accepted books The Complete Guide to Government Real Estate Leasing, Volumes I & II. Jamie has national experience consulting with attorneys and presenting and defending his expert reports, conclusions and opinions in deposition and trial testimony concerning government real estate lease policy, process and practice between government agencies and property owners.


Expert Witness Services

  • Provide advice and objective analysis to counsel leading to an improved understanding of the government real estate leasing process and how it impacts the parties involved in the case.
  • Provide expert reports, opinions and testimony about critical issues in the litigation.
  • Provide testimony to the court concerning both private-sector and government real estate lease industry standards, customs and practices to evaluate the legal liability of the parties.
  • Supply analysis to ascertain the facts and determine the historic context of the disputed issues.
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of the various economic factors and elements of a government real estate lease claim to provide the court with an objective measure of damages.
  • Serve as consultant to counsel, evaluating the analysis and arguments of opposing experts, assist with the development of lines of questioning for use in expert depositions.
  • Work with counsel to prepare reports and analysis for mediation and pre-trial settlement negotiations.



Jamie Scruggs Curriculum Vitae 4-10-18 (pdf link)


Publications – Books

The Complete Guide to Government Real Estate Leasing: Volume I (2016)

The Complete Guide to Government Real Estate Leasing: Volume II (2017)


Common Dispute Areas & Topics

  • US General Services Administration (GSA) real estate lease claims.
  • Federal tenant agency real estate lease claims.
  • State and local government tenant agency real estate lease claims.
  • GSA lease awards and losses.
  • GSA lease delays.
  • GSA operating costs.
  • GSA lease value.
  • GSA present value analysis (PVA).
  • GSA Seismic certification forms.
  • GSA holdover rents.
  • GSA Request for Lease Proposals (RLP).
  • Property sales.
  • GSA adjustment for vacant premises.
  • GSA tenant and shell cost analysis.
  • GSA lease acceptance.
  • GSA lease administrative items.
  • GSA Post occupancy disputes.
  • GSA Real estate taxes.
  • GSA CPI increases.
  • Reversionary interest.
  • GSA lease concessions.


Jamie Scruggs

Executive Director

Government Lease Advisors, Inc.