Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Government Lease Advisors provide?

Government Lease Advisors (GLA) works with property owners and brokers on their real estate leases with government tenants. We can complete the entire lease negotiation process for you with the GSA or work on individual items that need attention. We provide project management services to the property owner after the lease is signed to complete the renovations in the space. We also work with buyers and sellers of government leased properties.


Can you assist me with a GSA AAAP offer?

Yes. GLA works with property owners on GSA lease AAAP offers. We can complete the online submission and work with you on your lease financials and lease file submittal items.


My lease project is too small/too large can you still work with me?

We are available to work on your lease regardless of size. We frequently work on a variety of leasing activities at any given time that include both small government leases and very large GSA prospectus level leases.


How do you get paid?

We work on client assignments on either an hourly basis or consulting fee basis. We work with the client to determine what the best approach is to billing the client assignment before determining how to proceed.


What is your experience working with the US Federal Government and the GSA on real estate leases?

We’ve been working with the GSA and other federal agencies on real estate leases since 1998. Our team has completed over a 1,000 GSA leases with the federal government and have completed several very large leases and have GSA client assignments that have required us to complete multiple lease transactions at once on a national basis. We also work on State and Local government leases.


Can you help me buy/sell my GSA leased building?

Yes, we work with a pool of buyers and sellers that include international and institutional investors that would be very interested in your government leased building.


Can you work with my real estate broker on a GSA lease?

Yes. We frequently work with clients who have a real estate broker on the project team.


Where are you located?

GLA has offices in Chicago and Washington, DC. We are available to work on client assignments across the United States.


Can we discuss my government real estate lease?

Yes, feel free to contact Jamie Scruggs at 202-587-5654 or for a no-cost confidential discussion regarding your government lease.