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Government Lease Advisors (GLA) is 100% focused on delivering winning offers for our clients leases with government tenant agencies.  GLA is a perfect fit for your project team if you are competing for a new government real estate lease, lease renewal or any part of a government real estate transaction. We have been working with building owners and listing brokers on their government real estate leases since 2001. GLA can work with your project team or take the lead on your government lease transaction to prepare your lease offer, negotiate with the government tenant and work to ensure that your government tenant lease obligations are met.

We work with building owners on the complete life cycle of the lease transaction.

If you have a US General Services (GSA) lease, a federal, state or local government tenant that needs assistance we are here for you. Contact GLA to discuss your government real estate lease requirements today.



Jamie Scruggs

Executive Director

Government Lease Advisors, Inc.