GSA AAAP Leases: Leasing Services for Property Owners & Brokers

Jan 22, 2019


GSA is the largest tenant in the United States, with 80% of leases less than 25,000 square feet and over 8,000 space requirements nationwide, and the e-commerce platform will help drive savings to taxpayers by improving federal leasing efficiency in the real estate market.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) new web-based leasing tool, the Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP), allows the general public and businesses to electronically submit offers to lease space to the federal government. The offer submission process is completely web-enabled, allowing all registered participants to submit and update offers to lease space to the Federal Government within specified time frames, in response to a Request for Lease Proposal.

AAAP consolidates and streamlines the leasing process, not only improving customer satisfaction by facilitating GSA’s ability to meet Federal office space requirements quickly and cost effectively, but also increasing the ease of potential lessors doing business with the Federal Government. The program reduces the costs related to the acquisition of real property lease assets and improves the supply and pricing of space offered to the government.


GLA Offer Preparation

Government Lease Advisors, Inc. (GLA), works with real estate brokers and property owners to analyze and develop an electronic offer in the GSA’s AAAP system. We work with you and your team to submit a single property or your entire portfolio of properties to the AAAP system. We actively monitor the GSA AAAP system for notifications and awards for our client property owners.

GLA goes far beyond the submittal of information in the GSA AAAP system, we work with property owners to understand the complexities of their property as it relates to the GSA lease and the GSA AAAP system requirements which creates a better understanding of the offer and a better offer in the AAAP system. Contact GLA to discuss your GSA lease AAAP property requirements today.


Jamie Scruggs

Executive Director

Government Lease Advisors, Inc.